Task Teams

Task Teams are assembled to bring together people with specific interests and appropriate expertise to tackle issues that cross Node and/or Facility boundaries. 

Teams will assess particular issues, generally arising from IMOS Annual Planning Meetings, and where appropriate, develop projects to address them.

Current Projects

Zooplankton Ocean Observations and Modelling Task Team

  • Integrating zooplankton observations from multiple platforms with biogeochemical and ecosystem models.

Harmful Algal Bloom forecasting as a focus for IMOS

  • Exploring the potential for IMOS for underpin research into Harmful Algal Bloom forecasting and work towards a Harmful Algal Blooms forecasting system. 

State and Trends of Australia's oceans Report Task Team

  • Progress and deliver a report the “State and trends of Australia’s open oceans: An assessment based on physical, chemical, and biological indicators.”

Completed Projects

Bio-optical Working Group 

  • Tackling issues of national relevance related to bio-optical measurements and interpretation.

IMOS Radiometry Task Team

  • Improving consistency among IMOS radiometric measurements in view of improving their usability for research and for validation of international satellite ocean colour products.
  • Planning the future of radiometric measurements in IMOS

 Synthesis and national scale analysis of IMOS acoustic telemetry data

  • Developing a national approach to synthesis and analysis of IMOS ATF data and use these analyses to inform future aspects of acoustic telemetry networks.