IMOS Facilities

IMOS currently has a portfolio of 13 Facilities that undertake systematic and sustained observing of Australia’s marine environment, across scales (from open ocean, onto the continental shelf, and into the coast), and across disciplines (physics, biogeochemistry, and biology and ecosystems).

Australian Ocean Data Network

IMOS observations are turned into data that can be discovered, accessed, downloaded, used and reused in perpetuity by our data Facility: the Australian Ocean Data Network  (AODN) via the online portal.

Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control is necessary in providing high-quality and accurate data by establishing a set of standard procedures in data processing and delivery. See our QA/QC procedures


Sustaining the delivery of data streams ‘from sensor to portal’ involves complex processes. Workflow diagrams have been developed to document these processes ensuring clarity in roles and responsibilities.