IMOS Facilities, operated by different institutions within the National Innovation System, are funded to deploy equipment and deliver data streams for use by the entire Australian marine and climate science community and its international collaborators.

IMOS Facilities

·         Argo Floats

·         Ships of Opportunity

·         Deep Water Moorings

·         Ocean Gliders

·         Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

·         National Mooring Network

·         Ocean Radar

·         Animal Tracking

·         Wireless Sensor Networks

·         Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS)

·         Australian Ocean Data Network

Activity Planning

NCRIS 2015 Activity Plans

The activity planning calendars for the IMOS Facilities contain details for all the planned deployment/recovery/servicing/sampling etc. activities for the NCRIS 2015 funding period.


Each spreadsheet contains details on; planned activity dates, vessels, nodes, facilities, sub-facilities, operators, organisations involved, recovery dates, regions and data availability.


The activity plans can be found here.


IMOS Summary Data Reports

The IMOS data holding is detailed in a suite of reports generated by the AODN staff on a monthly basis.

The summary reports, for the current period, can be downloaded directly here.


Sustaining the delivery of data streams ‘from sensor to portal’ involves complex processes, with many steps to be taken by many individuals, often from different institutions in different locations.  Workflow diagrams have been developed to document these processes so as to clarify roles and responsibilities, and provide a basis for improvement of these processes over time. 

The workflow diagrams for all Facilities can be located here.