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19.12.2017 00:05 Age: 34 days
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Marine Matters issue 28 now available

The latest issue of the IMOS newsletter, Marine Matters, is available to download via the website.

The December issue includes the following stories:

  • Launch of the new look Highlights document,
  • IMOS Christmas Card competition,
  • Report on National Ichthyoplankton Monitoring & Observation (NIMO) project,
  • New SST images with Himawari-8,
  • Predicting the abundance of sharks along the NSW coast,
  • Real-time ocean forecasts with new eSA-Marine system,
  • IMOS welcomes Dr Peter Oke in his new role as the Argo Facility leader,
  • Underwater glider sets world distance record,
  • IMOS AUV captures an unusually large group of Port Jackson sharks in the Beagle Commonwealth Marine Reserve,
  • Data from the IMOS Animal Tracking infrastructure is highlighted in a special issue of Marine and Freshwater Research,
  • The New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) experience of data submission to the AODN,
  • Contributions to sea-level rise have increased by half since 1993, largely because of Greenland’s ice,
  • New Sub-Facility joins the Satellite Remote Sensing Facility: Surface Waves,
  • Postgraduate Student profile  Leanne Currey, Movement of an exploited reef fish across spatial and temporal scales using multiple methods.

To download the latest issue click here.