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14.12.2017 02:30 Age: 39 days
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IMOS Christmas Card competition

As a national infrastructure facility, IMOS is committed to education and training, and to informing society and government decision makers about the changes we see in Australia’s marine systems.

The finalists in the Christmas e-Card competition, with Dr Ana Lara-Lopez and Dr Patricia Miloslavich, on their tour of the RV Investigator.

The winning drawing by Alice Hardy from South Hobart Primary.

Runner up drawing: Jacob Smith, Waimea Heights Primary.

Runner up drawing: April Southgate, Albuera Street Primary.

Winner Alice Hardy onboard the RV Investigator.

Alice Hardy and IMOS Director, Tim Moltmann, at the school presentation.

Dr Ana Lara-Lopez, the IMOS Scientific Officer and Dr Patricia Miloslavich, Project Officer of the GOOS Biology and Ecosystems Panel, also believe we have a role to play in engaging our local community and in particular younger audiences. So, this year they organized a small-scaled competition for primary school children to design our annual IMOS Christmas e-card.

“IMOS has the potential to inspire and nurture the aspirations of young children to extend their knowledge of marine science and technology through engaging more actively with primary schools,” says Dr Lara-Lopez.

“We enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the children about the wonders that lie beyond the coast and below the surface of the ocean, and how important they are for our well-being.”

Initially this competition has been run in three primary schools close to the IMOS headquarters in Hobart. During November members of the IMOS office went out to the participating schools to present talks about IMOS; describing the observations that IMOS carries out in Australia’s seas, and to introduce young students to marine life and the technologies used to describe the environment where they live.

Inspired by the presentation students from South Hobart, Waimea and Albuera Street schools produced an amazing array of beautiful artworks. The schools selected the grade finalists which were then sent into the IMOS office for the final voting for the winner.

The IMOS office would like to congratulate all of the finalists, who for their excellent drawings, received a guided tour of the Marine National Facility the RV Investigator.

The winner of the 2017 IMOS Christmas e-card competition is Alice Hardy from South Hobart Primary. As well as the tour of the Investigator Alice wins a gift voucher from a local toy shop, and of course her drawing will be sent out as the IMOS Christmas e-card. This reaches hundreds of stakeholders interested in observing the ocean, around Australia and across the world.