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AODN Community Engagement - November 2017

Presentations and Meetings

  •  Cleaning up the Derwent River, Staff Wellness Program, 02 November 2017


On Thursday 2 November 13 staff from the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) and Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) spent half the day, as part of the team Wellness Program, cleaning up some bays on the eastern shore of the Derwent River – the length between Shag Bay and the Bowen Bridge (using the Bedlam Walls track to access the bays). The team got clever this year and enlisted assistance, using a tinny to ferry out the bags of rubbish and recycling.


  • South Hobart Primary School Visit, 13 November 2017


Monday 13 November the grade 4- 6 students of South Hobart Primary School listened to a presentation from Sebastien Mancini from the IMOS (Integrated Marine Observing Systems) team. They learnt about the importance of caring for our marine life and what they do to monitor and track marine life. As a follow up the students were invited to enter a drawing competition for IMOS' Christmas' card for 2017. Each class produced some magnificent designs and the finalists and winners got an hour tour of the CSIRO research vessel Investigator.


  • Marine Essential Environmental Measures Working Group, Meeting, Hobart, 16 November 2017


Roger Proctor, AODN Director, participated in the latest meeting of the Marine Essential Environmental Measures Working Group. The group, coordinated by the Department of Environment, seeks to identify measures which are essential for tracking change in the state of the environment and to improve the discovery, access and reuse of data and information under those measures. Where possible, measures are linked directly to internationally recognised essential measures (or variables) such as those identified by the panels of the Global Ocean Observing System (www.goosocean.org/eov). Current work is focused on developing a complete map of future focus areas for marine and intertidal measures.


  • e-Atlas integration discussions, Meeting, 23 November 2017


Technical discussions took place between AODN and the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) team responsible for the e-Atlas to identify remaining issues limiting the interoperability between the AODN Portal and the e-Atlas.


  • Albert van Dijk (ANU) Australia’s Environment Explorer, Visit - Hobart, 30 November 2017


Professor Albert van Dijk, Australian National University (ANU) visited AODN to explore opportunities for the inclusion of a marine component in Australia’s Environment Explorer (http://wenfo.org/ausenv/). The Explorer presents map-based annual summaries of changes in the terrestrial environment of Australia and the discussions explored if similar descriptions for the marine environment could be added.     


  • Helpdesk, Queries, November 2017

This month saw seven (7) queries come through the Helpdesk, it also saw 3 outgoing incidents that we initiated from within the AODN office. The incoming queries mostly related to data contribution to the AODN as well as suitability of data for different projects. The outgoing assistance were regrading small changes required that we found in external party AODN infrastructure use – such as links to AODN specific pages that needed updating to the appropriate organisation pages.   


  • Australian Ocean Data Network Staff Movements 2017


In 2017 we have been sad to say goodbye to Julian Atkinson and Ankit Bhasin, both members of the Information Infrastructure team of the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN).  Julian spent 4-years with the team and Ankit 18-months, contributing to the infrastructure development and maintenance.  The AODN welcomed Cameron Moloney, who made the move across the Strait from Canberra, to join the Infrastructure team in July.  We will also welcome very early in the New Year George Sattler into the same team.