For many of the parameters collected by the National mooring network facility, quality control processes and data standards documentation can be found below.

QC summit

Each year talks and workshops are also held in Hobart as part of the annual QC summit to table issues with instruments and sampling and to develop solutions. The agendas, presentations and summary reports from the Summits are loaded onto the IMOS website.

QC Summit 2019

QC Summit 2017

QC Summit 2016

QC Summit 2014  

QC Summit 2013

QC summit 2012

QC Summit 2011


The latest version of the NRS Biogeochemical Manual is available here. For any comments relating to the manual, please contact Claire Davies claire.davies(at)

Procedural guides referred to in the Biogeochemical Manual can be found here.

To view a series of SAMPLING VIDEOS that have been produced or carbon, salinity and nutrient sampling and for the bottle leak test procedure and post sampling filtering procedures click here.

Other documents

NRS Rationale, and Design and Implementation Plan- August 2011

This document is intended to provide a sound, scientific and operational basis for long term investment in the IMOS National Reference Station (NRS) Network. 

Prepared by:  The NRS Scientific Steering Committee (Lynch T.P., Morello E.B., Middleton J. F., Thompson, P., Feng, M., Richardson A., Doherty P., Roughan, M, Morris B., Tilbrook B., Steinberg C., James, C., and S. Allen ) and The IMOS Office (Moltmann T.C., Hill K.L.)