New South Wales Moorings

What are New South Wales Moorings?

New South Wales Moorings collects a wide range of oceanic data along the coast of South-Eastern Australia. An array of moorings strategically located along the continental shelf captures the key processes of the East Australian Current system and associated eddy field. Moorings are located at three separate sites; Coffs Harbour, Sydney and Narooma. Coffs Harbour moorings capture the upstream dynamics of the East Australia Current, Sydney moorings monitor the dynamics downstream of the separation point, often dominated by eddies, and Narooma moorings observe the East Australia Current extension. Together this mooring array network of New South Wales Moorings provide high-resolution information of the East Australian Current system, it’s spatial and temporal variability and the flow on effects of the marine environment.

New South Wales Moorings are also responsible for maintaining the Port Hacking National Reference Station. Combined with the moorings located along the New South Wales coast, New South Wales Moorings provide valuable information of an important, highly populated region of the New South Wales coast, providing measures of water quality, algal blooms and waste disposal and contamination.

Key Data Streams

CTD Profiling

Moninya Roughan


Acknowledging IMOS 

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Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) is enabled by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). It is operated by a consortium of institutions as an unincorporated joint venture, with the University of Tasmania as Lead Agent.