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The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal User Guide

What is the AODN Portal?

The AODN Portal is a single access point for marine data published by AODN contributors. The Portal incorporates a catalogue of metadata, a search interface driven by facets utilising controlled vocabulary terms, and a map interface that can be used to interact with AODN datasets and offers data download in a number of formats.


AODN Portal User Guide

The AODN Portal has a comprehensive User Guide to describe the functionality of the Portal.  In addition to Portal use instruction, the User Guide contains information on –

  • How to download data directly from servers
  • Data use acknowledgment, licencing and disclaimers
  • Contributing data to the AODN
  • Other data tools and access options
  • An Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) user code library - aimed at helping new users get started, and offering examples of IMOS data use within some popular environments (to date, MATLAB, R and Python). It provides ready to go code solutions for importing the data and some visualisation tasks, and shows how to access useful metadata information


Public Documents

The User Guide is also the location of our Public Document repository, with documents specific to both the AODN and IMOS and include, but are not limited to, data workflows, standards and conventions and metadata guides.


For hints, tips and tricks on finding, sub-setting and downloading data and so much more head over to the Portal User Guide!