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19.06.2009 07:55 Age: 8 yrs
Category: AATAMS

South line Ningaloo recovery

In April 09 AATAMS recovered the South Line of Ningaloo Reef Ecological Tracking Array (NRETA). This line had been in the water for several months due to equipment failure on a previous recovery in December.

Above and below during the South line NRETA deployment.

The recovery operation was conducted via a small vessel pictured below over three weeks.  100% of the equipment was recovered, serviced and successfully redeployed from shore during this time period making this one of the most successful recoveries/deployments to date. Special thanks go out to Chris Gallen from NSW DPI and Jessica Gwilliam from Macquarie University who volunteered their time and expertise in the recovery process. Also, David Abecasis from Portugal, Rob Harcourt from Macquarie University/AATAMS, Frazer McGregor from Murdoch University  who volunteered their time and expertise during the deployment period.