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06.10.2008 04:13 Age: 9 yrs
Category: ANMN

National Reference Stations Biogeochemical sampling workshop in Hobart

The IMOS NRS biogeochemical workshop participants. Rear left to right: Peter Hughes (CMAR

After the initial IMOS National Reference Station (NRS) meeting, where it was discussed what biogeochemical parameters were required to be sampled at the 9 sites, the task of creating a comprehensive and detailed manual was assigned to Gary Critchley (CMAR). This involved chairing meetings for clarification of what was to be sampled and analysed, reaching agreement on methods and working through various iterations to achieve a working manual. It starts from vessel preparation and departure, through the field sampling methods, sample preservation and treatment, details on transport to the points of analysis, the analytical methods, data production, data storage and finally housing the data within the eMII data base at UTAS.

Gary organized a workshop at CMAR (Hobart) for September 08