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Marine Matters issue 27 now available

The latest issue of the IMOS newsletter, Marine Matters, is available to download via the website.

Transmission electron microscopy image of diatoms from eastern Australia. Image credit: Penelope Ajani, UTS.

The June issue includes the following stories:

  • State of the Environment report released,
  • 74.2 billion reasons to observe Australia’s ocean estate,
  • IMOS farewells Dr Susan Wijffels,
  • IMOS Task Team goes troppo to solve radiometry challenges,
  • Marine environmental information in Australia- how NCRIS has made a difference,
  • Marine heatwaves – surface temperature doesn’t tell the whole story,
  • Modelling What We Sample and Sampling What We Model: Challenges for Zooplankton Model Assessment,
  • Mass Fish Die-Off at Mallacoota: Upwelling and the EAC?
  • Long-term phytoplankton time series data from the Port Hacking National Reference Station to be examined in three international collaborations,
  • Challenger glider crosses equator on record journey,
  • Radar observations prove to be a useful tool for examining frontal eddies along the East Australian Current,
  • IMOS data charts the course of the 2015-16 coral bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef,
  • 7th Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP) workshop held in Hobart,
  • AODN conducts three practicals for IMAS/UTAS course,
  • A tale of two eddies in the EAC: introducing Murphy and Freddy,
  • Postgraduate Student profile Ana Paula Berger, the dynamical partitioning of the Indonesian Throughflow.

To download the latest issue click here.