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Long-term Maria Island Temperature and Salinity data product is now available on the AODN Portal

The IMOS National Reference Station (NRS) network provides baseline information required to understand how large-scale, long-term change and variability in the global ocean are affecting the ecosystems of Australia's coastal seas.

IMOS National Reference Station off Maria Island, Tasmania (Photo by Carlie Devine)

The Maria Island NRS, located off the east coast of Maria Island in Tasmania, has provided the longest high quality ocean time series in the Southern Hemisphere, operating since 1944.

Last month the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal has made available a product that includes temperature and salinity measurements from the original water sampling program carried out by CSIRO since the 1940s, and the water sampling and CTD (conductivity, temperature, and depth) casts carried out by IMOS since 2009. Sampling under CSIRO was undertaken at intervals of one to several weeks, and under IMOS, sampling is approximately monthly. Temperature measurements were taken from reversing thermometers by CSIRO, and from profiling CTDs by IMOS. Ken Ridgeway (CSIRO) has combined the data into a single continuous time series, for measurements at the surface and depths up to 50m.

Currently this product is only available for the Maria Island NRS but it is anticipated that historical data collections will be made available for other stations, including Port Hacking in NSW and Rottnest Island in WA.

The new data collection, IMOS - ANMN NATIONAL REFERENCE STATIONS - COMBINED LONG-TERM HYDROLOGICAL DATA PRODUCT (1944-2014), can be accessed freely via the AODN Portal.