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14.09.2011 00:54 Age: 6 yrs
Category: IMOS

Joint meeting of IMOS and TERN boards

After the IMOS Board meeting on 14 September, the IMOS and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) boards held a joint meeting.

This joint meeting of TERN and IMOS Boards was very useful in terms of improving understanding, sharing experience, and exploring opportunities for closer collaboration, particularly in the coastal zone.  We identified a few areas of current activity that can be more closely aligned, committed to bringing our collective knowledge of international developments into the discussion, and agreed to look at identifying a small number of areas in which there is clear need for national scale data sets that both Capabilities can contribute to.   These actions will be followed through in the coming months, and provide an excellent example of the type of cooperation and coordination that becomes possible with a national, collaborative, research infrastructure program in place.


Back row (L-R): Dr Peter Rogers (IMOS), Professor Jason Middleton (IMOS), Professor Lee Astheimer (IMOS), Dr Bruce Mapstone (IMOS), Mrs Jo Neilson (IMOS Board Secretary), Professor Andrew Lowe (TERN Board Observer), Professor Stuart Phinn (TERN Director), Professor Stephen Walker (TERN), Dr Neville Smith (IMOS), Professor Stephen Williams (TERN), Professor Mark Westoby (TERN), Mr Geoff Richardson (TERN), Professor Rob Lewis (IMOS).

Front row (L-R): Mr Tim Moltmann (IMOS Director), Dr Nick D