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19.10.2017 20:59 Age: 57 days
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Improvements made in discoverability of IMOS and AODN data through Research Data Australia (RDA)

The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal is the main discovery and access point for marine data published by AODN contributors.  However, did you know that both IMOS and AODN metadata can be discoverable from other sources?  One such example is through Research Data Australia (RDA), which is the data discovery service of the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

ANDS, like the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS), is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program.  Research Data Australia (RDA) enables users to find, access, and reuse data for research from over one hundred Australian research organisations, government agencies, and cultural institutions.  A broad spectrum of research fields - across sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities is covered.  The harvesting of IMOS/AODN content to RDA results in exposure to a broader audience.

Recently, work was performed to consolidate the IMOS metadata holdings into one IMOS GeoNetwork catalogue, which resulted in a change to the IMOS source catalogue harvested by RDA. Natalia Atkins (AODN) and Melanie Barlow (ANDS), took the opportunity to work on the translation of the IMOS metadata, which is expressed in the marine community profile (MCP) metadata schema to the Registry Interchange Format - Collections and Services (RIF-CS) schema which is employed within RDA.  Intensive work over approximately 2 months has resulted in an improved result.

This work has also seen improvements in the harvest of the AODN catalogue into RDA.

IMOS catalogue in RDA

AODN catalogue in RDA

The rules for metadata-mapping have been applied per metadata source of truth, rather than per metadata contributor to RDA; this ensures that within RDA, multiple metadata records for the same dataset, appear identical regardless of where the metadata was eventually harvested from (AODN, IMOS, or elsewhere).  Additionally, such records are indicated as ‘linked’ within RDA, determined by their common resource identifier.  See examples of linked records in RDA, harvested from IMOS and AODN:

IMOS: IMOS - Australian National Mooring Network (ANMN) Facility - Temperature and salinity time-series

AODN: IMOS - Australian National Mooring Network (ANMN) Facility - Temperature and salinity time-series

The metadata mapping improvements support finer-grained searching of the harvested records within RDA, such as:

·         Find open-access datasets, where metadata was contributed by IMOS or AODN

·         Find open-access and open-license datasets, where metadata was contributed by IMOS or AODN