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13.11.2008 00:45 Age: 9 yrs
Category: IMOS, ANFOG

IMOS to be featured in upcoming BBC series 'Oceans - Exploring the Secrets of our Underwater World'

The Oceans team, led by Paul Rose, began a series of underwater scientific expeditions to build a global picture of our seas. The series includes voyages to the Arctic, Southern and Indian Oceans, the Atlantic, the Red Sea, the Sea of Cortez and the Mediterranean.


The team ventured into some of the planet's most challenging environments with the help of scientists and dive teams, and the results are shown in the eight part series, which seeks to provide a better understanding of the state of our oceans today, their role in the past, present and future and their significance in global terms.


One of the episodes focuses on the Southern Ocean and was filmed in waters surrounding Tasmania.  In particular, the Ocean team investigate how ocean gliders are being used to study the East Australian Current.

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