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AODN Community Engagement - March 2017

March 2017 – Presentations and Meetings

  • Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station, Monterey (CA, USA), Visit, 27 Feb - 10 Mar

Work with the US-IOOS Animal Tracking Network team to finalise the production of a data and metadata standard for biologging tags. During the visit both teams gained a better understanding of IMOS and IOOS infrastructure and initiated conversations about collaborating on a common web platform to ingest tag information. A thorough review of the flow of information from pre-deployment to recovery for all types of tags (i.e. acoustic, archival, satellite) was performed which subsequently helped refine the original design of the biologging database schema. The latter will be submitted in the coming months to the complete working group for feedback and implementation suggestions.


  • AODN and e-Atlas, Meeting, 2 March

e-Atlas is a website and mapping system for presenting environmental research data.  AODN and e-Atlas staff held an all-day meeting to explore ways to enable the integration of AODN and e-Atlas services.


  • Topics in Australian Marine Science (TAMS), Presentation, 2 March

TAMS is the core subject in the Master of Marine Science and Management programme that is taught at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS).  An Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Project Officer introduced the students to the AODN Portal, how to search, access and display and download data. The interaction provides a great opportunity to gain insight from new users of the AODN Portal and utilise feedback in guiding future development.


  • Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP), Workshop, 7-10 March

The third workshop of ODIP, a project hosted by the EU which brings together an international community of marine data and web service specialists from EU, USA and Australia, took place in Hobart, hosted by the AODN and CSIRO. ODIP is promoting and developing a common global framework for marine data management.

Forty scientists gathered in Hobart to update the progress on ODIP activities and prototype development tasks.  AODN contributed to most of the tasks at the workshop and made a lead contribution to a new task ‘Creating a digital playground’ with a talk on IMOS-related cloud computing options.


  • Deakin University, Visit, 9-10 March

A developer from the AODN team went over to Deakin University in Geelong to assist in the set-up of the AODN infrastructure stack to allow easy harvest of Victorian State benthic biodiversity data.  This data will contribute to the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) funded High Value Collection project  SeaMap Australia, which has the aim of assembling benthic marine habitats in Australian waters, with data products available in the AODN.


  • IMOS Harmful Algal Bloom workshop, 16 March

AODN contributed to the workshop, which is exploring, through a series of workshops, the possibilities for identifying and forecasting Harmful Algal Blooms in Australian waters. The initial focus is to be on SE Tasmania, establishing an information portal for collating observations and met-ocean forecast products.


  • NCRIS workshop eResearch 2017 and beyond, Presentation, 23 March

AODN contributed to a joint talk with ANDS on developing common international data services titled “International Research Data Partnering” by Ross Wilkinson & Roger Proctor which discussed aspects of ODIP, the Southern Ocean Observing System, Research Data Alliance and the European Open Science Cloud.


  • IOC International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE)-24, 27-31 March

IODE’s purpose is to enhance marine research, exploitation and development, by facilitating the international exchange of oceanographic data and information. As the IODE Australian national representative in oceanographic data management AODN participated in the 24th bi-annual conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.