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28.08.2009 03:09 Age: 8 yrs
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ANL 'Windarra' collects plankton for the AusCPR survey monthly

The ANL 'Windarra'

Members of the AusCPR team with the 'Windarra' crew

The ANL 'Windarra' has been towing a Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) on a monthly basis for the AusCPR survey down the east coast of Australia (from Brisbane to Melbourne), whilst on its regular shipping route around Australia. The Survey is grateful for ANL's support and the enthusiasm and dedication of the 'Windarra' crew. The cooperation of SOOPs such as the 'Windarra' is integral to the Survey's success. Each month, the ship returns the CPR to the CSIRO Plankton Ecology Laboratory in Cleveland (Brisbane) where it is analysed for phyto- and zooplankton abundance and species composition.