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20.03.2009 05:15 Age: 9 yrs
Category: ANFOG

ANFOG ocean gliders spread their wings

At opposite ends of Australia, ocean gliders are simulteneously flying missions in three oceans.

ANFOG gliders deployed from three states into three oceans around Australia.

Southern Ocean, TAS:  The past month has seen the first deepwater Seaglider engaged in a scientific mission in Australian waters. Deployed on February 13th east of Tasmania's Maria Island, the Seaglider has now traveled a horizontal distance of 800 kilometers, and made scientific measurements down to depths of 996 metres in the Southern Ocean. Pilots at the ANFOG glider fleet control centre in the University of Western Australia are presently guiding the Seaglider northward where it will catch a ride in the East Australian Current to arrive back near Maria Island for retrieval.

Pacific Ocean, NSW: Slocum Unit109, a coastal glider was successfully deployed 3 nautical miles east of Crowdy Head at 11:45am EDST on the 17th of March, as part of an experiment to study the East Australian Current and its associated oceanic eddies.

Indian Ocean, WA: One week since it's deployment, Slocum glider Unit104 is progressing smoothly in its mission off Rottnest.

** ANFOG wishes to welcome a new member to the team - glider technician Dennis Stanley. **