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10.02.2014 22:51 Age: 4 yrs
Category: AODN

A new look for the IMOS Ocean Portal

Today the IMOS Marine Information team is excited to release the new look IMOS Ocean Portal. The website has had a major overhaul; redesigned to produce an Ocean Portal that is intuitive and engaging. We have improved both functionality and the user experience, so now it’s as simple as 1-2-3 to download the wealth of IMOS data available for use in marine and climate research.

IMOS is not just deploying equipment in the oceans surrounding Australia, the data streams we collect are building long time series, and actually they are the research infrastructure we are creating and developing. The IMOS Ocean Portal ensures IMOS data is discoverable and accessible for use in the scientific and broader community.

The Marine Information team have designed the new look Ocean Portal in response to user feedback, delivering a simple mechanism for

1.     data discovery and selection,

2.     collating data sets across space and time, and

3.     downloading the data in a suitable form for scientific use.

Taking the opportunity to completely redesign the Portal interface at the same time, IMOS now offers ocean data users a new web environment that ‘flows’ well.

The Marine Information team believes the end result is an Ocean Portal that will tempt new and loyal users to explore the possibilities with IMOS datasets.

The new IMOS Ocean Portal will be released today Tuesday 11 February with an unchanged URL.

Should you have any comments or require assistance please review the ‘Help’ link at the top right hand of the Portal – you may find your answer in our User Guide, or send details directly using the ‘Contact Us’ link or email info(at)emii.org.au.