Feeling brave? Sea surface temperatures around Tasmania are taking time to warm up for that first swim of summer this year.

A new project is producing a range of long time series products that make mooring data more accessible

As part of today’s official opening of the Wave Energy Research Centre and University of Western Australia Great Southern Marine Research Facility in...

Highly migratory marine vertebrates were the focus of a workshop at the recent OceanObs19 attended by staff from the IMOS Animal Tracking Facility.

The Australian branch of the global Biogeochemical Argo effort have deployed their first two floats into the EAC from the RV Investigator.

The IMOS community bids farewell to Tim Moltmann, who steps down officially today having been the IMOS Director since 2009.

Australia is an ocean nation – we’re girt by 10 million square kilometres of water. Whether you live near the coast or far from the shore, there’s no...

The new IMOS Event-Based Sampling sub-facility was initiated in December 2018 with the goal of monitoring marine heatwaves using ocean gliders.

Yesterday a new IMOS mooring was deployed in the water off the Bonney Coast in a collaborative effort between SARDI and Deakin University.