The Marine and Climate Super Science initiative was announced in the Federal Budget in May 2009.  IMOS was awarded an additional $52M for the period July 2009 to June 2013 to enhance and extend the observing system, with emphasis on the Southern Ocean and northern Australian waters.  The funding was provided with a requirement to develop an interim plan by 30 June 2009 to invest the first $8M (during 2009/10), and to develop a final plan covering the full $52M plus co-investment by 28 February 2010.

Timetable for IMOS EIF Planning (as at 9 July 2009)

Following the Budget announcement in May 2009, the University of Tasmania signed a contract with DIISR by June 24, including the Interim IMOS EIF Project Plan for $8M in 2009/10 and a requirement to develop a final plan covering the full $52M plus co-investment by 28 February 2010.

Key milestones include:

  • finalising the IMOS Five Year Strategy by the 10 September 2009
  • opening the Call for Proposals for Nodes and Facilities 18 September 2009
  • close of the Call for Proposals 30 October 2009
  • National meeting to reach a consensus on the proposals 26 November 2009
  • IMOS Advisory Board meeting to consider the Draft Final IMOS EIF Project Plan 21 December 2009
  • Final IMOS EIF Project Plan submitted to DIISR February 28 2010

To view the full IMOS EIF timetable click here.

IMOS Five Year Strategy 2009-13

The draft IMOS Five Year Strategy was developed by the IMOS office during July. National consultation by the IMOS Director on the Draft IMOS Five Year Strategy, with Nodes, Facilities and key stakeholders (including DIISR) occurred during August. The IMOS Advisory Board met on 10 September to approve and finalise the Five Year Strategy.

To download the Final version of the IMOS Five Year Strategy 2009-13 click here.

Advisory Board Assessment and Recommendations

The IMOS Advisory Board met on 21st December to assess the EIF Node and Facility proposals, and agree on a package of Facility Proposals to be recommended for approval in line with available EIF and NCRIS funding, and co-investment as indicated by partners.   The package approved by the Advisory Board and IMOS Office will underpin development of a Project Plan for submission to DIISR in February 2010. 

To view the Advisory Board Assessment and Recommendations click here.

Review and analysis of proposals by the IMOS office

A review and analysis paper was developed by the IMOS office to guide discussion at the National Meeting on the 28th November.

To view the paper, click here.

External Reviews

The IMOS Advisory Board has commenced a process of having all the Node Science and Implementation Plans internationally Peer Reviewed. The Bluewater & Climate and WAIMOS Node Plans have been reviewed during November 2009 as part of the IMOS EIF planning process.

Reviewer comments can be downloaded below:

Bluewater & Climate Review comments

WAIMOS Review comments

IMOS EIF Updates

Regular (approximately fortnightly) updates will be provided to the IMOS community on progress with IMOS EIF planning.

All the IMOS EIF updates can be downloaded here.

IMOS information sharing wiki

The intention of this wiki is to provide a place for information sharing and collaboration particularly during the IMOS EIF process. You will find main pages for each regional collaboration and each facility. As the wiki is open to all registered users to modify, its structure should not be considered the structure of IMOS as viewed by the IMOS office or the funding agencies, but more how people have chosen to work together.
Please note that all official communications from the IMOS office with respect to EIF funding and calls for proposals are found on the IMOS website.

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