Southern Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (SAIMOS)


The SAIMOS Node region lies along the world’s longest zonal, non-polar continental margin. The systems of boundary currents, associated transport of marine biota and ecosystems define its geographical extent to range from Cape Leeuwin in the west to Tasmania in the east.  The region is exposed to forcing by the Southern Ocean as well as by oceanic boundary currents that enter from the west and east that can be modulated by El Nino events in the western Pacific.

The region encompasses coastal and shelf/slope waters off southern Australia between Cape Pasley (WA) and Cape Otway (Victoria), and includes diverse ecosystems including the Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth, SA’s unique gulfs, numerous off-shore islands and most of the Great Australian Bight. Southern Australia's coastal, estuarine and marine waters have significant environmental, economic, social, and cultural value. 

Associate Professor John Middleton from the South Australia Research and Development Institute (SARDI) gives an overview of the South Australia-IMOS Node in this video.