GLIDERSCOPE description

GLIDERSCOPE is a standalone Win/Mac software package designed to give you the power to visualise glider data effortlessly via a convenient graphical user interface. By using the freely available GLIDERSCOPE software, anyone can examine NetCDF files they have downloaded, filter out bad data, interactively isolate segments of data and apply a variety of useful data graphical visualisation techniques to examine the data, e.g.

  • three/four-dimensional plots of water properties,
  • interpolated contour charts,
  • vertical profile plots,
  • water properties comparison charts (e.g. TS-diagrams)
  • light attenuation coefficients charts

GLIDERSCOPE performs additional calculations for underwater sound velocity, light attenuation coefficient, 1% photic depth and local time zone to further inform you. And you can make use of a host of clever on-screen tools. For example, you can drop a 'virtual Niskin bottle' to instantly find out what the water properties are like anywhere in your cross-section; change the look of plots by dragging on sliders or swap between different cmocean colour maps to best highlight patterns of interest. Additionally, you can export any segment of data as text or NetCDF files for easy access in other applications.



What's new in version 8?


Standalone Software Installation Package

Windows platform: (926 Mb)

Mac platform: (519 Mb)


Matlab is NOT required for the standalone packages above. But if you have Matlab installed and want GLIDERSCOPE installed as an app on your Matlab toolbar, download the following:

Matlab toolbar App

Windows Matlab:
GliderscopeV8.mlappinstall (2.4 Mb)

Mac Matlab:
GliderscopeV8.mlappinstall (2.4 Mb)


Old version - Gliderscope V6

Standalone Software Packages

Windows 64-bits platforms:

GliderscopeV6_3_Win.exe  (555.1 MB)

Mac platforms:   (513.1 MB)

V6 User's Manual:

Users Manual GLIDERSCOPEv6.pdf  (2.2 MB)

Sample data

SAMPLE DATA NetCDF file (31.2 MB)

Instruction Videos





Additional Information/Tutorial Files

Hanson, C., L.M. Woo, P.G. Thomson and C.B. Pattiaratchi (2016) Observing the ocean with gliders: Techniques for data visualization and analysis. Oceanography 30(2),

GLIDERSCOPE Tutorial Files (6 MB) for use with tutorial paper 'Observing the oceans with gliders: techniques for data visualisation and analysis'

Woo, M. and C. Pattiaratchi (2010) How the Capes current ends: an investigation of a west Australian coastal current using an autonomous ocean glider, Proceedings of the 15th Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas (PECS) conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 14-17 September 2010.




GLIDERSCOPE V8 is compatible with NetCDF files from IMOS, EGO and IOOS.


Australian Data

IMOS Ocean Gliders data download from


Overseas Data

European: Everyone’s Gliding Observatories (EGO)

American: Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS)

Please select the .nc format when you perform your downloads.


If you have any queries, feedback or suggestions for future upgrades, please do not hesitate to contact the developer, Dr L. Mun Woo at mun.woo(at)