IMOS Highlights 2018 - 2019

A word from the Director

Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System continues to provide world-leading capacity for critical, sustained observing to understand and manage our vast marine estate. The integrated, collaborative nature of the IMOS unincorporated joint venture is critical to our success and global reputation. With sustained funding from the Australian Government, we are looking forward to where IMOS will play a role in years to come. We look to the future based on another outstanding year of achievements by the scientific, technical, engineering and administrative teams that support IMOS. Here we highlight some selected achievements from 2018-2019.

- Dr Michelle Heupel, IMOS Director

Achievements of IMOS

Here we highlight some selected achievements from 2018-2019

IMOS marine heatwave monitoring
eDNA samples from Rottnest Island NRS
Rates of ocean warming with Argo Floats
Extreme waves in the Southern Ocean
IMOS extends Victorian observations
AUV seafloor imagery and deep reefs
Seasonal dynamics of larval fish
Movement patterns of juvenile white sharks 
Marine microbes and the Australian Microbiome
Validating eReefs with plankton and nutrient data


IMOS Impacts

Uses and Users of IMOS data

The uptake and use of IMOS data is measured in terms of research projects, postgraduate students, publications and products. The breadth of organisations that have used IMOS data for 2018 – 2019 based upon the affiliations of the users is provided. A full record of IMOS data uses is also available from our Impact Database.  

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Data Delivery

Data collections hosted by the AODN

Deployments and Operations of IMOS Facilities

Visualising Australian ocean conditions with OceanCurrent