Submit Data

Custodians of marine data are encouraged to contribute to the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN).  

The objectives of the AODN are two-fold:

  • to populate the AODN with publicly funded data and to make this accessible to a wide community;
  • to encourage, and develop, the culture of data sharing across the marine science community of Australia.


AODN Metadata Entry Tool 

Online tool for the submission of metadata and data to the AODN metadata catalogue, and where possible the AODN Portal. Read more here.

Visit Contributing Data for more information on how to publish a data collection to the AODN Portal.

netCDF Conventions

For many data types, IMOS uses the netCDF (network Common Data Form) system, a set of software libraries and machine-independent data formats that support the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented scientific data. The IMOS netCDF Convention describe the netCDF format and the format of filenames that will be used to distribute IMOS data.