Data Management Overview

The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) is an interoperable online network of marine and climate data resources.  

The AODN provides discovery and access services, primarily through the AODN Portal. The marine data collections published in the AODN Portal are wide ranging, and all data collections are freely available to the public. The infrastructure of the AODN portal builds on developments for IMOS and follows international standards and agreements for data/metadata formatting, discovery and sharing.

Contributing organisations publish data in the AODN by providing ISO 19115 compliant metadata, extended by the Marine Community Profile (MCP), and marked up with OGC web compliant services. The metadata is harvested from contributors and stored in a GeoNetwork instance that backs the AODN Portal.  The AODN Portal is a consumer of web services including OGC CSW which is used to query the catalogue.  The AODN Portal also consumes web services defined in the metadata and it uses these to provide visualisation, subsetting, and data download to end users.  

The AODN Portal is designed to be an intuitive and easy to use access point for ocean data.  All published data collections can be downloaded through the user interface.  Some contributors, however, are unable to provide the necessary metadata and web services for interoperability with the AODN portal.  These data collections are published in a secondary metadata catalogue, which provides visibility of the metadata even if the data that it describes cannot be accessed.   

The AODN Portal infrastructure is maintained and developed primarily by AODN staff (formerly the eMarine Information Infrastructure) with assistance from contributing partners. Future development of the portal is guided by the AODN Technical Advisory Group, drawing on expertise of AODN partners.    

The AODN publishes further information and guidelines that will assist the community to participate in the AODN.