QC Summit 10-12th April 2019

Day 2 Thursday 11th April

09:30 National Mooring Network Shelf Arrays. Craig Steinberg, AIMS.
10:00 Fluorescence to Chlorophyll Recommendation. Ana Lara-Lopez, IMOS.
11:00 The AODN and toolbox update. Guillaume Galibert, AODN.
12:00 IMOS Mooring data processing and Quality Control Procedures at AIMS. Ken Ridgway. Centralised QC, is that the right pathway?
14:00 Using a wiki to record QC details and decisions. Virginie van Dongen-Vogels, AIMS.
15:50 Towards a Standardised Approach to Manual QC.

Day 3 Friday 12th April

09:10 Facility updates, SAIMOS, WAIMOS, Q-IMOS, NSW-IMOS, NRS, ABOS
10:50 QA/QC & data products - CSIRO moorings. Miaoju Chen, CSIRO.
11:30 Moorings Time Series & Products Working Group. Craig Steinberg, AIMS.
11:45 LTSP Implementation Plan and Progress. Eduardo Klein, AODN.
13:15 A daily gridded temperature climatology. Michael Hemming, SIMS & UNSW.
13:45 Ecologically relevant depth layers from long-term CTD profile data. Paul van Ruth, SARDI.
14:15 Oceanographic Calibration Facility. Robert Kay, CSIRO.
15:50 QC Summit key actions.