QC Summit meeting

5-7 November 2014
DAY 1 – ADCPs, Calibration and O2


Full agenda can be downloaded here.

Report and Conclusions can be downloaded here.



1)             1100:     Welcome and development of workshops and working groups for QC procedures across the ANMN  

(Tim Lynch - 5mins + 5mins discussion)

2)             1110:     What is IQuOD and how does IMOS fit in?

(Bec Cowley - 10mins + 10mins discussion)

3)              1130:       ADCP QC investigations

(Bec Cowley & Alessandra Mantovanelli, 20 mins + 10 discussion)

4)             1200:     High quality oxygen data – why it matters

(Bronte Tilbrook – 30mins)

5)             1330:     Developments in Argo Delayed Mode QC: catering for complicated sensor and float types

                 (Esmee Van Wijk, Luke Wallace- 30mins)

6)             1400:     ADCP operations in the south-west W.A. sub facility

                  (Ming Feng – 45mins)

7)             1505:     QC of water quality data from the Spirit of Tasmania

                 (Randall Le, Emilie Laurent – 45mins)


8)             1540:     Loading Profiling CTD data into the Matlab Toolbox

                 (Guillaume Galibert – 50mins)


DAY 2 – Bio-optics and Profiling CTDs



1)             0930:     Bio-Optics, FLNTU – site characterisation of NRS FLNTU

                 (Lesley Clementson - 20mins) 


2)             0950:     Consolidation of bio-optical instrumentation QC into the bio-optics sub-facility

                                    - Issues

                                    - Science questions

                                    (Tim Lynch, Lesley Clementson, Tom Schroeder - 40mins)

3)             1050:     Consolidation of bio-optical instrumentation QC into the bio-optics sub-facility

                                    - Governance – ANMN, ANFOG, AROS, Ocean Colour

                                    - Operations

                                    - Instruments – WQM or stand alone FLNTU

                                    - Data streams

                                    - Resourcing

                                    (Tim Lynch, Lesley Clementson, Tom Schroeder – 40mins)

4)             1330:     Re-processing of data -- what would be required to make this a centralised process run by eMII

                 (Marty Hidas, Guillaume Galibert - 60mins)

5)             1430:     CTD offsets in the NRS BGC salinity and oxygen data

                 (Val Latham- 30mins)


6)             1520:     FLNTU photographs; examples and technical specifications; how to link deployment to


                (Felicity McAllister, Darren Moore - 40mins)

DAY 3 – Matlab toolbox and Gear and user groups


1)             0930:     Facilitating User Uptake – just ‘cos it’s on the portal doesn’t mean the job’s done

                 (Craig Steinberg – 10mins)

2)             0940:   By a toolbox user doing manual QC
Examples of manual QC performed with the toolbox; goals and challenges.

                (Simon Spagnol, Tim Austin - 20mins)

3)             1000:     Plotting tools

                 (Simon Spagnol, Paul Rigby - 15mins)

4)             1050:     Recent developments on the AIMS deployment database

                 (Felicity McAllister - 15mins)

5)             1105:     - Toolbox developments since last QC summit 2013

                                    - List of tasks and feedbacks collected from users to improve the toolbox. Development planning + discussion

                 (Guillaume Galibert - 30mins)

6)             1135:     How do we get NetCDF CTD casts to eMII?
 - AIMS document to follow + populate the deployment database for CTD casts

                 (Marty Hidas, Guillaume Galibert, Shaun Byrnes - 30mins)

7)             1205:     Running the toolbox in profile mode

                 (Guillaume Galibert - 30mins)


8)             1330:     How interactions between providers and users are going; how much effort is going into it, any tools that are improving the situation – e.g. user contributed code and value added plots. A left over from last QC was a common field and data reporting template across sub-facilities.

                                    (Craig Steinberg, Tim Austin – 50mins)


9)        1405:   QC and metadata issues encountered by OceanCurrent

            (David Griffin – 30mins)

10)          1435:    Capital replacement – QC issues, timings, costs and instruments

                 (Tim Lynch – 10mins)


11)          1445:     Capital replacement & Gear

(David Hughes, Tim Lynch -45min)