Australian Forum for Operational Oceanography (FOO)


In developed countries around the world, Government agencies, R&D providers and marine industries are realising the potential advantages of creating a systematic focus on operational ocean observing, short-range prediction, and delivery of services - covering marine and coastal environments, and physical and biogeochemical properties. This has come to be described as operational oceanography. Recent efforts in the UK to establish a Forum for Operational Oceanography are one good example of what can be achieved.  As an island nation deriving massive social, economic and environmental benefits from its coasts and oceans, Australia has good reason to be keenly interested in these developments. A team of scientists and managers from across industry, government and academia have therefore come together and formed a Steering Committee to bring an Australian Forum for Operational Oceanography (FOO) into existence.


The inaugural meeting of The Australian Forum for Operational Oceanography (FOO) was held in Fremantle, Western Australia on 21-23 July 2015 (FOO 2015). 


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