Australian Coastal and Oceans Modelling and Observations Workshop (ACOMO) 2018


9-11 October 2018


Shine Dome, Canberra


If you are interested in attending the workshop but have not received an invite, please contact ana.lara(at)


The agenda for ACOMO 2018 can be viewed here.

Final Report

The report for ACOMO 2018 can be viewed here.


IMOS is commencing its second decade and due to the success and increased interest in the ACOMO workshops, our fourth ACOMO 2018 workshop will be held mid-October this year. We expect an increasing focus on INTEGRATION. The purpose is to keep encouraging, advance and support the co-evolution and engagement between Australia’s integrated marine observing system and our national coastal and ocean modelling capability.

This meeting will be organised around the following Themes and related Topics:




1. Geographic Integration 

Analyses of entire boundary currents, inter-comparison of East and West coast, tropical and temperate. 

2. Integration of temporal and spatial scales

open ocean-coast-inshore integrations, and time scale integrations

3. Discipline integration

Integration between two or more parts of the food web, physics to BGC, atmosphere-ocean, physics to ecosystems, socio-ecology

4. Integration within frameworks

Work undertaken using MARVL, COSIMA, or proposed frameworks (National Modelling System, ANSR)

5. Observation and model integrations

Uncertainty assessments, use of observations for assimilation and parameterization, use of models to inform observing, or the use of both as separate tools for a single outcome


The Organising committee

Ana Lara-Lopez (IMOS-Chair), Roger Proctor (IMOS), Ryan Lowe (UWA), Emlyn Jones (CSIRO), Moninya Roughan (UNSW) and Jessica Melbourne-Thomas (ACE CRC).

Logistics: Donna Harris

Meeting Structure

Contributions will be in the form of presentations selected by the Organising committee from the pool of submitted abstracts, and an open poster session.

Presentations will be a combination of short talks (15 min) and longer talks (30 min), with the longer talks taking place at the beginning of each day. 

Preference for presentations, in particular the 30 min presentation, will be given to talks that are community driven and truly integrated (i.e. not a review of what different groups are doing) and preferably work that is intended for a paper submission in the special issue (see below).

Focussed discussion sessions will be used to identify next steps and future directions.

Abstract template

For abstract submission please use this template.

Special Issue

ACOMO 2018 workshop will include a special issue* with the title Integrated approaches for coastal and ocean modelling and observation in Australia. This special issue will be published in the Journal of Marine Systems

Please indicate your intension to submit a paper for the special issue when you submit your abstract, an extended abstract will be requested at a later date.

* Submission for papers are open also to people that not necessarily will be able to go to ACOMO 2018 provided their paper is in scope of the Integration themes


The meeting will be supported by the IMOS Office. Participants will be expected to self-fund their own travel and accommodation.


Abstract submission for presentations and posters are open. However, the Organising committee reserves the right to select and combine similar abstracts submitted for presentations and ask the authors to submit an extended abstract and present their work together in the form of a community level contribution.