ACOMO 2014 Poster Abstracts

Venue: Shine Dome, Canberra

Date & Time: 7 October 2014 from 4:30-6:00


Graham Rickard, Mark Hadfield

Assessment of CMIP5 Biogeochemical Models for the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone (NZ EEZ): Present Day Analysis as a Framework for Future Predictions and Downscaling

Colette Kerry, Moninya Roughan, Brian Powell

A high resolution re-analysis for the East Australian Current

Charitha Pattiaratchi, E.M.S. Wijeratne, Ivan Haigh, Matt Eliot

Predicting extreme water levels around Australia

Jessica Benthuysen, Ming Feng, Liejun Zhong

Spatial patterns of warming off Western Australia during the 2011 Ningaloo Niño: quantifying impacts of remote and local forcing

Hemerson Tonin, Richard Brinkman

Coral Reef parameterization in numerical models

Agi Gedeon, E.M.S. Wijeratne, Charitha Pattiaratchi, Roger Proctor

Current predictions for the Rottnest channel swim

Elizabeth Joseph, Charitha Pattiaratchi, E.M.S. Wijeratne

Simulating the dynamics of continental shelf waves generated by tropical cyclones in Western Australia

Moritz Wandres, Charitha Pattiaratchi, E.M.S. Wijeratne

The Influence of the Leeuwin Current on the West Australian Wave Climate

Charitha Pattiaratchi

Tropical cyclone stirring on the inner continental shelf off north-west Australia observed through Ocean gliders

Paul Rigby, Craig R. Steinberg, David K. Williams, Gary Brinkman, Richard Brinkman, Hemerson Tonin and David Hughes

Challenges, Benefits and Opportunities in Australia’s Northern Tropical Seas

Roger Proctor, Peter  Blain, Sebastien Mancini

Integrated Marine Observing System / Australian Ocean Data Network: Improving users access to data

Lucy R Wyatt

Wave measurements from the Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network

Mark Hadfield, Graham Rickard

Recent Applications of the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) at Open Ocean, Coastal, and Embayment Scales Around New Zealand

Jennifer Penton, Charitha Pattiaratchi, Hrvoje Mihanovich

Surface currents on the Rottnest continental shelf, Western Australia

Florence Verspecht, Hrvoje Mihanovich, Charitha Pattiaratchi

Sea breezes force near-inertial waves on Rottnest Shelf, Western Australia

Miaoju Chen, Charitha Pattiaratchi, Anas Ghadouani

The seasonal cycle of Chlorophyll along the Two Rocks Transect

Charitha Pattiaratchi, Mohammad Hadi Bahmanpour, E.M.S. Wijeratne, Craig Steinberg, Nick D’Adamo

The Holloway Current along North-West Australia

Charitha Pattiaratchi, E.M.S. Wijeratne

Particle (‘Debris’) Tracking at possible crash sites of MH370

Charitha Pattiaratchi and Hrvoje Mihanovich

Peddies: what, where why ?

Barbara J. Robson, Farhan Rizwi, Leonie Geoffroy, Jerome Brebion, Mark Baird, Jenny Skerrat, Mathieu Mongin, Karen Wild-Allen, Emlyn Jones, Nugzar Margvelashvili and Michael Herzfeld The eReefs relocatable biogeochemical model (RECOM) and its parameter libraries
Frank Colberg, Dirk Slawinski, Ming Feng A higher resolution model of shelf circulation and marine connectivity of the north-west shelf
Ming Feng, Jessica Benthuysen, Dirk Slawinski La Niña causes extreme freshening of the Leeuwin Current

Cetina-Heredia Paulina, Roughan M, van Sebille E, Coleman MA, Feng M 

Past,present and future transport patterns along the east Australian coast and its impact on larval dispersal

Schaeffer A, Roughan M

MARine Virtual Laboratory (MARVL) high-resolution ROMS test: the East Australian Current at 30 S in Solitary Island Marine Park (SIMP)