ACOMO 2012 –  Extended Abstracts

Venue:  Shine Dome, Canberra

                                                        Date & Time:  3 & 4 October, 2012


To download a PDF of all the extended abstracts, click here.



Sea levels, storm surges and Tsunamis; modelling and observations                    
Kathy McInnes, John Church, Neil White, Chari Pattiaratchi, Diana Greenslade, Jane Sexton                                                                                                                     


Wave and near shore modelling status and observational requirements in Australia
Bill Peirson, Mike Banner, Mark Hemer, and Chari Pattiaratchi


Littoral zone modeling: status and observational requirements in Australia
Ian Turner, Graham Symonds, James Carley and Ron Cox                                              


Coastal sediment-transport modelling and observational needs
Nugzar Margvaleshgili, Cedric. Griffiths, Chris Dyt, Barbara Robson, Scott Nichol              


Integrating modeling and data assimilation using ROMS with a Coastal Ocean

Observing System for the U.S. Middle Atlantic Bight
John Wilkin, Julia Levin, Javier Zavala-Garay, Hernan Arango 



ROMS Modelling in Australia: Status, plans and aspirations                                       
John Middleton, Chari Pattiaratchi, Moninya Roughan, John Luick, Greg Ivey, Ryan Lowe, Helen Phillips, Jessica Benthusen, Sarath Wijeratne, Helen McDonal       


Observation Update
Craig Steinberg, Chari Pattiaratchi, Moninya Roughan, Mark Baird, Lucy Wyatt 


The data assimilation component of the real-time coastal ocean forecast system

implemented off Oregon (US West coast)
Alexander Kurapov, Peng Yu  





Australian coastal modelling and information systems: assisting management decision  making.
Emlyn Jones, Richard Brinkman, Phil Gillibrand, Mike Herzfeld, Nugzar Margvelashvili, Mathieu Mongin, Paul Rigby, Chris Sharman, Greg Timms, Hemerson Tonin and Karen Wild-Allen                                                                                                                                          



National Plan for Environmental Information Pilot Project
Greg Stuart, Andrew Woolf



BLUElink – status, challenges and future
Peter Craig, Gary Brassington, Joanne Haynes, Andreas Schiller, Tim Pugh Paul Sandery, Peter Oke and Graham Symonds                                                              


Key Bluewater observing systems and datasets; and their use in modelling
Ken Ridgway, Eric Schulz, Peter Oke, Susan Wijffels, Peter Strutton,
Boris Kelly-Gerreyn                                                                                                       



Ocean system experiments: recent progress, opportunities and future plans
Andreas Schiller, Peter Oke, Pavel Sakov                                                                          



Remote Sensing: Observing a big country
David Griffin and Edward King



Biochemical Modelling and data assimilation: Bluelink International Progress
Richard Matear, Andrew Lenton, Matt Chamberlain, Mathieu Mongin, Mark Baird         



IMOS/AODN Ocean portal:  tools for data delivery
Roger Procter, Peter Blain, Sebastien Mancini                                                                 


The CAWCR1-WfO2 ocean modelling review – from climate to coasts
Peter Craig and Andreas Schiller               



Modelling Activities in New Zealand: Development of an Adaptive Model Framework
Graham Rickard, Stephane Popinet, Joanne O’Callaghan, John Zeldis                                    



The Marine Virtual Laboratory (MARVL) and Information System (MARVLIS)
Roger Proctor, Peter Oke, Uwe Rosebrock, Brendan Davey                                                      




Establishing the Climate and Weather Science Laboratory
Tim Pugh, Mike Naughton, Martin Dix, Tom Beer, Tim Erwin, Ricardo Pascual, Ben Evans, Kevin Pulo, and Mike Rezny