IMOS Five Year Plan 2017-22


The IMOS Five Year Plan (2017–22) is now available here (Issued 23 September 2016).


Previous drafts of the IMOS Five Year Plan (2017–22)

A final draft IMOS Five Year Plan (2017–22) is available here  (Issued 6 Sep 2016).
A First Draft IMOS Five Year Plan (2017–22) is available here (Issued 24 June 2016).

Feedback was welcomed on all aspects of the Draft Plan and we were particularly interested to know:

  1. Is the current status of IMOS clearly and accurately represented (pp3-6)?
  2. Are all major drivers and feedbacks properly identified (pp7-10)?
  3. Is the approach to priority setting clear, and reasonable (pp10-11)?
  4. Is the proposed facility portfolio well explained (pp12-36)?
  5. Does the proposed portfolio respond appropriately to the IMOS strategy, and the drivers and feedbacks (pp12-36)?
  6. Does any aspect have too much emphasis (pp12-36)?
  7. Are there any major gaps (pp12-36)?
  8. Is the proposed portfolio well balanced (pp37-39)?


Call for Facility Proposals (2017-22) – issued 16 May 2016

Facilities were asked to submit proposals to inform the development of the IMOS Five Year Plan (2017–22).

Specific guidance was provided here. This guidance was to be read prior to downloading and completing the following:



Guidelines to inform development of an IMOS Five Year Plan (2017-22) can be found here.

The purpose of these guidelines was to ensure that IMOS had a costed, credible, scalable, Five Year Plan (2017-22) in place by 30 September 2016. 

Process and Timeframe

The high level process and timeframe is set out below.  At the time of drafting these guidelines, we still required further clarity about the Government and Departmental process.  Specifically whether we’ll have access to Contingency Funds in 2016-17, and most importantly details on development of the new strategic roadmap.  However in broad terms the IMOS process was to: 

  • develop the draft guidelines 
  • discuss them with the IMOS community at the Annual Planning Meeting on 8-10 March
  • finalise the guidelines, including consultation with specific stakeholders as required
  • call for Facility/Sub-Facility proposals against the final guidelines
  • synthesise the proposals into a draft IMOS Five Year Plan (2017-22)
  • seek comment from stakeholders on the draft Five Year Plan
  • finalise the Five Year Plan, and 
  • submit it to the IMOS Advisory Board for approval.

Government/Departmental process

IMOS planning process

November 2015


IMOS Advisory Board ‘deep dive’ on 2015-25 Strategy

December 2015

National Innovation and Science Agenda released.

Ten year commitment to NCRIS.


January 2016

NCRIS Roadmap developed during 2016. Process led by the Chief Scientist. 

Planning guidelines (principles and processes) drafted


Agility Fund request

Node Steering Committee Meeting


2016-17 Funding allocated NCRIS Capabilities Forum

IMOS 2016 Annual Planning Meeting (#10) 8 – 10 March

Planning guidelines (principles and processes) released i.e. this document

Further discussion of key issues: Node and Facility planning meetings and stakeholder engagement 15 March - 15 May



Advisory Board Meeting 28 April


2016 Federal Budget

Agility Fund result

Call for Facility Proposals issued 16 May with specific guidance provided


End of 2015-16 financial year

Facility Proposals due to IMOS Office 10 June

Draft IMOS Five Year Plan prepared by 24 June


Federal Election 2 July 2016

Stakeholder comment on Draft IMOS Five Year Plan (2017-22)



IMOS Five Year Plan (2017-22) finalised



IMOS Advisory Board Meeting to approve IMOS Five Year Plan (2017-22)