Real-time Data


To track Australian Argo floats in Real Time click on the following website:


One of the requirements of the Argo program is that data is made freely and publicly available to users within 24 hrs of the float transmitting its profile data. This is known as the Real-Time data stream. The float data is passed through a number of automated quality control checks. Users should note however that these tests are limited and that for applications requiring the best quality data the Delayed Mode data stream is preferred.

Real time files are identified by their “R” prefix, (e.g. The real time tests listed below are applied by all Data Access Centres (DAC) in the same order to the profile data:

1.   Platform ID *

2.   Impossible date *

3.   Impossible location *

4.   Position on land *

5.   Impossible speed *

6.   Global range test *

7.   Regional parameter range*

8.   Pressure increasing

9.   Spike test

10.Top - bottom spike - obsolete

11.Gradient test

12.Digit rollover

13.Stuck value

14.Density inversion

15.Grey list

16.Gross salinity or temperature drift

17.Visual QC - not mandatory in real time

18.Frozen profile

19.Pressure not greater than Deepest_Pressure +10%

Test 17 is not mandatory in real time. Tests marked * are also applied to trajectory data.