IMOS Publications

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From Observations to Impact: The first decade of IMOS

2015-16 marks the tenth year of IMOS, and we have published a new document titled “From Observations to Impact” which celebrates the first decade.  It provides an introduction, a brief history, an explanation of the need for IMOS, and a description of the national capability that has been created.  However the bulk of the document is about impact, described from the perspectives of places, and partnerships.

Annual Highlights Document

Each year the Annual Highlights document presents key progress across the IMOS work program under its five theme areas, plus summary financials and performance reporting.

Marine Matters Newsletter

The IMOS newsletter is published three times a year and includes an update on IMOS news and progress, as well as feature articles on various aspects of the IMOS program.

IMOS Bulletin

The IMOS office produces a monthly IMOS Bulletin. It lists new deployments, new data streams available on the IMOS Ocean Portal and recent and upcoming events.

IMOS Media Releases