Investors provide funding in addition to the core investment made by Australian Government, so as to extend the capacity of IMOS to observe throughout Australia’s vast marine jurisdiction.  Co-investment enables IMOS to deliver more observations and data, and provides Investing Partners with a cost effective mechanism to meet their needs by leveraging an established program with a proven track record.

Tasmanian Government, Department of State Growth

The Department of State Growth actively pursues investment, facilitates major projects, supports business and industry to grow, and ensures strategic investment in infrastructure. The Department also works closely with business and industry to address barriers to growth, including red and green tape, to provide a skilled workforce, develop cultural industries and ensure efficient cost effective transport and logistics systems.

Since 2007, the Department has provided an annual cash grant, matched by the University of Tasmania, to assist with the administration and operation of IMOS headquarters in Tasmania and to maintain a Node of IMOS in the Tasmanian region.

Government of Western Australia, Department of the Premier and Cabinet

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet supports the Premier as head of the Western Australian Government and the Minister for Science.  The Department is responsible for providing quality policy and administrative advice and support to enable the Premier and Government to serve the WA community well.

During 2011-2015 the Department provided a cash grant to develop research infrastructure in the Kimberly and Pilbara region, including shelf moorings, acoustic tracking arrays, ocean gliders and passive acoustic arrays, plus administrative support for the WA regional Node of IMOS.

Queensland Government, Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning

The Department exists to deliver Queensland's economic prosperity by championing the interests of business and industry.  Responsibilities include major projects, regional services and State development.

During 2007-2013 the Department provided a cash grant to develop research infrastructure along the Great Barrier Reef, including wireless sensor networks and shelf moorings, plus vessel support for the autonomous underwater vehicle.

New South Wales Government - Department of Trade and Investment

NSW Trade & Investment is engaged in a number of research and development initiatives in areas as diverse as energy, life sciences, photonics, primary industries and robotics. Research is pivotal for unlocking the intellectual capital in New South Wales, as well as strengthening the state's competitiveness, productivity and capacity for innovation.

Since 2010 the Department has provided funding to support salaries for shelf moorings, acoustic tracking arrays and autonomous underwater vehicles, plus research uptake in the NSW regional Node of IMOS.

South Australian Government – Department of State Development

The Department of State Development helps industry, business and communities identify and capitalise on opportunities for job creation and economic growth.  Science, research and innovation play a fundamental and transformational role in South Australia’s economy and society.

In 2008 the Department purchased an ocean radar for IMOS, and since 2007 has provided funding for shelf moorings, ocean radar, animal tagging and ocean gliders, plus support for the SA regional Node of IMOS.

Northern Territory Government – Darwin Port Corporation

A Business Division of the Northern Territory Government, the Corporation is responsible for the management and operation of the Port of Darwin in accordance with powers and functions defined under the Act and by-laws.

Since 2012 the Corporation has provided funding and logistical support for IMOS moorings in Darwin Harbour and Beagle Gulf.