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WA launches Blueprint for Marine Science

The Western Australian Blueprint for Marine Science Initiative, launched today, guides the foundation of a long-term collaboration between all sectors operating in the marine environment.

This Implementation Strategy is the third stage of an end-user led process to ensure a strategic approach to marine science that supports industry, community and government activities off the coast of Western Australia.

Building on the Blueprint for Marine Science 2050 report delivered in 2015, and the subsequent Premier’s Roundtable for Marine Science discussions, this Implementation Strategy guides the foundation of a long-term collaboration between all sectors operating in our marine environment. It encourages formal links to science programs at national and state levels, including with IMOS.

In partnership with IMOS, the initiaitve aims to develop a risk/opportunity based backbone observing scheme that will best support priority data needs and improve targeting of current and additional observation effort.

The Blueprint is strongly aligned with the National Marine Science Plan, which was released last year. The Blueprint Initiative emphasises the importance of the developing 'blue economy' to the state's and Australia's future.

With a coastline of almost 20,000 km, almost a third of the nation’s maritime exclusive economic zone is off Western Australia’s coast so it's a significant proportion of the national marine estate to manage.

The Blueprint Initiative is the creation of the members of the Western Australia Premiers Round table for marine science supported by the preliminary work of the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) joint venture partners.  WAMSI is a research partner of IMOS which carries out research into climate change, biodiversity, the iconic Ningaloo Marine Park, sustainable fisheries, biotechnology and oceanography, and has overseen the development of a marine bioresources library that will store thousands of marine samples collected by researchers.



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