IMOS welcomes Justin Seymour from UTS as the new Node Leader for NSW-IMOS.


NSW-IMOS announces leadership change

Following a meeting on 11 January, the New South Wales node of IMOS (NSW-IMOS) announced that Justin Seymour, from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will take over leadership of the node. Tim Ingleton from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage will remain as the Deputy Leader.

Martina Doblin, from UTS and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS), has stepped down as leader after several years in the position.

IMOS Director, Tim Moltmann, acknowledged the important contribution Dr Doblin has made in her leadership of the NSW-IMOS node.

“IMOS has benefited greatly from Martina’s leadership,” said Mr Moltmann.

“We thank her for that contribution, and hope to keep her engaged through our work at the nexus of ocean optics, remote sensing and microbial ecology.”

This change completes a refresh of the NSW-IMOS leadership, with Robin Robertson from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) stepping down as Deputy Leader late last year.  We also acknowledge and thank Robin.

As a large, diverse and dispersed community, IMOS relies on a series of integrated Nodes to develop relevant science plans to guide its activities. There are six nodes of IMOS, covering Australia’s shelf and coastal seas, as well as the surrounding open ocean.

Each of the nodes contributes to a National Science and Implementation Plan with input from many, many researchers from across the Australian marine and climate science community. The Plan represents a major body of work that will continue to evolve over the life of IMOS, in response to national needs and global trends.  IMOS can only work in this way because we have excellent scientists within the community who are prepared to dedicate the time and effort required to lead our Nodes.

Mr Moltmann welcomes Justin Seymour to the position of Node leader and looks forward to a productive relationship.

“Justin’s appointment is very timely,” he said.  “His area of expertise is in microbial oceanography, which is an important strategic direction for IMOS. We think he’s a great fit.”

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Martina Doblin (right), from UTS and SIMS, has stepped down as NSW-IMOS leader after several years in the position. Shown here with Allison McInnes on the 2016 voyage from Fiji to Hobart.

Robin Robertson (ADFA/UNSW) stepped down as Deputy Leader of NSW-IMOS late last year.