< Cross-Tasman collaboration leads to the release of the New Zealand Ocean Data Network (NZODN) Portal
29.11.2017 09:17 Age: 19 days
Category: AODN

What has been going on with the data of AODN

Lately there have been a few additions and updates to data in the AODN. 


New Data:  A new collection of SOOP_CO2 data collected in near -realtime is now available on the AODN Portal. 


The data is collected on board the RV Aurora Australis and RV Investigator. Note that this collection comprises raw data  only so don’t forget to check out the SOOP-CO2 delayed mode data layer for quality controlled data.  Check it out https://portal.aodn.org.au/search?uuid=9e5c3031-a026-48b3-a153-a70c2e2b78b9 

Note: The release of this collection uncovered a caching issue, which we are now working on. To see all the data from a ship displayed on the map, simply select the vessel name of interest from the drop down on step 2.


Re-processed data: We were recently informed that a data collection seemed to have inconsistencies, once the cause of this was found and eliminated the data required re-processing, read the full story   


New home for WA Metadata: Previously, the WA Node of the Australian Ocean Data Network (WAODN) was hosted in a separate catalogue and portal. The metadata can now be found in the general AODN catalogue, and identified by simply selecting "WA-AODN" from the category dropdown, within advanced search.