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Wave and Sea Surface Temperature data collected by the NSW-OEH Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) available on the AODN portal

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL), part of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), operates a system of waverider buoys off the NSW coastline.

The buoys measure wave height and other wave statistics such as wave period and wave direction.

Sea Surface Temperature data (SST) is also collected for each wave rider buoy. Thermistors are mounted inside the buoys, at the base of the hull about 0.5m below the water surface.


Recent work has been performed to update the dataset collection containing the wave data (https://portal.aodn.org.au/search?uuid=bb7e9d82-3b9c-44c6-8e93-1ee9fd30bf21) in order to extend the temporal coverage  up to December 2015 and to also publish for the first time the associated SST data (https://portal.aodn.org.au/search?uuid=81c5f192-d4af-4dfe-a660-af15ae46a22a).


Data collected at the following seven buoy sites along the NSW coast is available through the AODN portal:

o   Port Kembla       (February 1974 – December 2015)

o   Coffs Harbour    (May 1976 – December 2015)

o   Byron Bay           (October 1976 – December 2015)

o   Eden                   (February 1978 – December 2015)

o   Crowdy Head      (October 1985 – December 2015)

o   Batemans Bay     (May 1986 – December 2015)

o   Sydney                (March 1992 – December 2015)


In step 2 of the AODN portal, the user can filter the data by site, spatial extent and temporal extent before downloading the corresponding data in CSV or netCDF format.