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Vale Gary Meyers

The IMOS community is mourning the passing of its foundation Director, Dr Gary Meyers.

Gary Meyers, IMOS foundation Director

Gary Meyers with XBT launcher

Dr Gary Meyers was an eminent oceanographer at CSIRO in Hobart for many years before taking up the role of IMOS Director at the University of Tasmania in 2007. He led the program through its formative stage, putting IMOS on a stable base that continues to serve a large science community to this day. Gary retired in 2009 having been instrumental in securing an additional $52M investment through the Education Investment Fund.

Current IMOS Director, Tim Moltmann, holds Dr Meyers in high regard and speaks of his important contribution to marine science in Australia.

“Gary was the ideal person to lead IMOS in its establishment phase.

“He was well known and respected in the global ocean observing community, and brought an incredible wisdom and depth of experience to the job.  

"He had the courage, intellect and passion required to turn a great concept into a fully functional, national ocean observing system.  

"That’s quite an achievement,” said Mr Moltmann.

Dr Meyers completed his PhD in 1978 under supervision of Prof Klaus Wyrtki.  Gary and his family came to Australia in 1983 to join the CSIRO Division of Oceanography in Hobart. This was the beginning of a golden era in Australian oceanography, with the building of CSIRO’s Marine Laboratories in Hobart and commissioning of Australia’s first marine National Facility, RV Franklin. Dr Meyers was one of a small group of scientists carefully selected to lead this national endeavour.

“We mourn Gary’s passing but at the same time we celebrate his legacy.  

"Throughout his life and career as a physical oceanographer, Gary Meyers strove to make a difference.  

"And he succeeded.  

"The IMOS community will work hard to ensure this legacy is honoured through great ocean science underpinned by high quality ocean observations, which is what Gary would expect,” said Mr Moltmann.

Dr Gary Meyers passed away peacefully on Tuesday 19th April.  Our thoughts are with his wife Linda, their daughters Rachel and Rebecca, and their families.