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19.06.2009 06:49 Age: 9 yrs
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UPDATE: on the SOOP Air-Sea Flux Sub-Facility

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

The SOOP ship based Air-Sea Flux sub-facility is now routinely generating air-sea fluxes from the Southern Surveyor while at sea, and providing the data to eMII.
High resolution in situ meteorological and sea surface temperature data are quality assured, and then used to generate 5-minute fluxes using the COARE Bulk flux algorithm.

The Southern Surveyor has performed recent (May-July 2009) voyages in the central Pacific (figure 1).
Observations of solar radiation, derived heat flux components and the net heat flux are displayed in figure 2. The diurnal cycle in short-wave radiation (sunlight) is clearly evident, with some additional variability introduced by the latent heat flux (due to evaporation).

The net heat flux into the ocean has been computed as a daily average and displayed as a distribution in space (figure 2, top) and time (figure 3, bottom).  The data presented here suggests that over this time period the ocean is warming in the region North of approximately 17.5 degrees South, and cooling south of this.