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11.05.2007 04:14 Age: 11 yrs
By: Katy Hill

The Inaugural meeting of the IMOS Advisory Board

The IMOS Advisory Board held their first meeting on the 3rd May 2007, at the University of Tasmania.

The first meeting of the IMOS Board was held at the University of Tasmania on 3 May 2007. The Advisory Board Members are Dr. Trevor Powell (Chair), Dr. John Gould, Dr. Rob Lewis, Prof. Chris Marlin, Prof. Jason Middleton, Dr. John Parslow, Dr. Iain Poiner, Dr. Chris Simpson, and Dr. Neville Smith.

Ex Officio members are Prof. Alan Canty, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research), University of Tasmania and Prof. Gary Meyers, IMOS Director; Mrs Jo Neilson IMOS Executive Officer is secretary to the Advisory Board.

The meeting opened with an overview by Professor Canty of the bid process and thanking those involved. Board members were then given an opportunity to introduce themselves and provide detail on their background. The Chair then advised the meeting would focus on an overview of the totality of IMOS- where the issues are likely to be and how we will plan to manage these.

In particular, the role of the Advisory Board and gaining an understanding of the implementation were key outcomes from the initial meeting. The Advisory Board also reached in-principal agreement on the 2007/2008 Annual Business Plan, discussed the 2007 meeting schedule for IMOS, reporting, key performance indicators and costing arrangements for access to data.

Details of the role of the Advisory Board can be found here.