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15.07.2009 23:54 Age: 8 yrs
Category: AATAMS

The AATAMS Bondi line in Sydney completed

In July 09 AATAMS deployed the last of the Bondi line with support from Defence Maritime Services (DMS). This long term infrastructure now runs from Bondi beach offshore to the -200m mark making it one of the longest single lines of acoustic receivers in the world.

This equipment is designed to capture migrations of individual animals passing through the Sydney area. In the first few months of deployment this line has already captured valuable detections from Great White sharks travelling past offshore Bondi area.

Special thanks go out to Paul Watts from Aquatic services, Jessica Gwilliam from Macquarie University, Steve and Ruben from DMS, who all contributed greatly to the successful deployment.

With several research groups tagging a large variety of species including Great White Sharks, Yellow tailed Kingfish, Grey nurse sharks, Bull sharks, Wobbegong sharks and blue groper this line will greatly increase potential detections and contribute strongly to existing acoustic infrastructure in the area.