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23.06.2009 02:42 Age: 8 yrs
Category: ANFOG

Tasman Seaglider is Back

At 12:15PM EST today, Seaglider SG151 completed a two-month long mission in the Tasman Sea.

2-month voyage track of SG151 in the Tasman Sea.

On its fifth lap of a cross-shelf transect line reaching 115 km east of Bicheno, strong poleward currents overwhelmed the seaglider and dragged it south.

From concurrent satellite imagery of ocean surface temperatures and water currents (available from CSIRO: http://www.cmar.csiro.au/remotesensing/oceancurrents/) the ANFOG pilots saw a northward current building on the continental shelf. They then carefully navigated the deepwater glider up onto the shallows and rode in the coastal current back north, producing a 230 km alongshore transect-line of data from Deep Glen Bay to the Bay of Fires.

Throughout this mission, SG151 has traveled 875 km and produced 530 dives worth of water property measurements.

For those interested in seeing a real ocean-going Seaglider (freshly retrieved and complete with barnacles), look out for SG151 exhibited at the upcoming launch of the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) on 29th June at CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research Laboratory (CMAR), Castray Esplanade, in Hobart!