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19.06.2009 07:44 Age: 8 yrs
Category: AATAMS

Sydney line test deployment and recovery

In January 09 AATAMS deployed a line of fifteen acoustic receivers of Sydney. This line currently runs from Bondi Beach to the sixty metre mark and will capture a variety animals moving past the Sydney region.

DMS vessel used during the Bondi line recovery

This line of receivers was deployed with in-kind support from Defence Maritime Services (DMS) who supplied vessel time and crew for the operation.

This line of receivers was later retrieved in May with 100% success. Special thanks go out to Paul Watts from aquatic services that helped with design, fabrication and recovery of the new deep water acoustic receivers.  This new and very successful design will also be used to extend the Bondi line. The design will also be used for other East Coast deployments including the upcoming Coffs Harbour line. The Sydney line has already recorded valuable data including tagged White sharks within the first weeks of deployment.