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22.06.2007 04:06 Age: 10 yrs
By: Katy Hill

Sub contracts under negotiation

Australia's marine research agencies and university departments commit to work together to implement IMOS.

Subsequent to the initial funding being received (see IMOS funding Agreement signed link below) the IMOS Office, in conjunction with the University of Tasmania Legal Officer Andrea McAuliffe has been focussing on preparing sub-contracts with the 9 research organisations (CSIRO, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Sydney Institute of Marine Science, South Australian Research and Development Institute, Geoscience Australia, James Cook University, University of Western Australia, Bureau of Meteorology and Curtin University of Technology). The draft contracts were sent to these organisations on 22 June, and we are optimistic that we will be able to finalise a few of them this financial year and so meet the requirements for transferring funds to those organisations who have been incurring costs on the anticipation of finalisation of the legal requirements. A big thank-you to Andrea for all her wise advice, and the time she spent on the IMOS contracts, during a time of major work-load for her due to the number of other recent grants the University has been successful with.