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03.09.2007 06:55 Age: 10 yrs
By: Katy Hill

Some (not so) new faces to IMOS

Dr Marian McGowen joins the IMOS office as Executive Assistant and Scott Bainbridge becomes Director of FAIMMS and GBROOS. Congratulations to both Marian and Scott!

Welcome to Marian McGowen as Executive Assistant at the IMOS office, and Scott Bainbridge as Director of FAIMMS and GBROOS.


A warm welcome to Marian McGowen and Scott Bainbridge to IMOS. While Both Marian and Scott are not new faces to IMOS, it is nice to welcome them in an official capacity.


Dr. Marian McGowen:

Marian completed her undergraduate degree, honours and PhD at the University of Tasmania. Her PhD project examined the genetic control of reproductive traits in Eucalyptus globulus. The project aimed to improve the quality of seed in seed orchards by understanding various aspects of the reproductive biology of Eucalyptus globulus so that the system can be manipulated to increase the outcrossing rate and the reproductive output.


Marian has been working at the Centre for Marine Science at the University of Tasmania as an Administrative Officer since March 2007, so it is great to see that we have managed to lure her to the wet side of the Australian environment. Especially as it means the IMOS office is treated to Marian's fabulous cake baking..


Marian can be contacted at imos(at)imos.org.au


Scott J Bainbridge:

Scott completed a B.Sc. in Marine Biology at James Cook University and then worked at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) on the impact of the crown-of-thorns starfish on the Great Barrier Reef . Moved into Remote Sensing looking at coral reef mapping using Landsat and SPOT data. In 1988 left AIMS and worked privately doing remote sensing mapping of coastal ecosystems including working in Asia and the Pacific.


In 1991 re-joined AIMS as a database programmer in the Long Term Monitoring Team, then completed an MBA in Technology Management at Deakin University and moved to become IT Manager at AIMS. In 2001 took on the new developed AIMS Data Centre and in 2006 moved to just manage the AIMS Data Centre.


From 2004 to 2007 chaired the Technical Committee of the Australian Oceans Data Centre Joint Facility and did much of the preliminary work for the eMII component of IMOS as well as working on standards groups for metadata and data standards.


Scott brings a wealth of skills and experience to IMOS's Great Barrier Reef activities. He has been instrumental in setting up both FAIMMS and the GBROOS, so it is great to see him take on a more formal role in the project.


Scott can be contacted at s.bainbridge(at)aims.gov.au


Welcome to Scott and Marian!