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14.05.2009 03:53 Age: 9 yrs
Category: ANFOG

Sentinel of the Tasman Sea

An ANFOG glider is presently east of Tasmania, travelling back and forth on a repeated transect line, monitoring changes in water properties.

SG151 angles its antenna out of the Tasman Sea to communicate via Iridium satellite with scientists at the ANFOG control centre in Western Australia.

ANFOG Seaglider unit SG151, deployed in the Tasman Sea since the 22nd of April, continues to occupy a transect line extending to 115 km east of Bicheno, Tasmania. Travelling in saw-tooth trajectories to depths of 1 km, SG151 has thrice traversed the East Australian Current. It now turns around to begin its fourth lap.

Use this link to view the location of this Seaglider everyday: